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In the beginning...

YourHomePatch seemed a hair-brained idea based upon a gut feeling that "it just must be easier than this" to move into a new Patch. YourHomePatch creator, Natalie Trezise, wanted to try and tackle the fact that every new posting or relocation, whether by choice or mandated by a spouse or loved one's role change, meant starting from scratch. How do you get access to the camp Medical Centre? What bin gets put out on the 3rd Thursday of each month? What local garage can I trust to do a good job of my MOT? Finding out this information can take months and with hectic familiy lives and other committments, this can take a toll. The answer to this problem seemed obvious; the community! 

It doesn't take an expert to realise that Army communities are some of the most generous in terms of their time, their support and their love. Natalie's aim is to harness this and make it work for everyone, because after all, Your Patch is your Home!



  • to care for our Army families and dependants as they relocate by bringing all the information and support they need directly to them
  • to build a sense of community, whether living in Army accommodation or private housing



YourHomePatch brings you information about local businesses and services that are recommended by Patch members. If you have any queries about these services, post a question on the relevant page. Alternatively you can contact info@yourhomepatch.co.uk


Your online security

YourHomePatch takes the safety and happiness of its members and our Forces communities very seriously. Any activities on the website that are deemed unethical, politically motivated or posing a risk to any member of the Armed Forces will be removed immediately. YourHomePatch has the right to refuse membership to anyone who it deems to not share the aims and ethos of this site.