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Welcome to YourHomePatch

YourHomePatch is all about putting Forces Families, dependants and communities first. It’s your one-stop-shop for finding everything (and I mean, everything!) you need to make your move to your new Patch smooth, easy and most importantly, happy, whilst building that important sense of community.

Login to YourHomePatch, select your location and welcome in a treasure-trove of information about where to go, what services you can trust and what is going on, in and around your Patch. There are forums reviewing local businesses and information about the best deals and military discounts available. Ask YourHomePatch anything, from where to go for a good Sunday lunch, to applying for a place at the best local primary school and even all things pet related. And you never know, you might make some like-minded friends along the way!

If you live on a Patch, are moving into or out of one or just want to get in touch with other Forces Families, login, see what's going on and make a noise!

I love to hear from people directly too so contact me at natalie@yourhomepatch.co.uk

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